Not sure where your unique project needs fit? Check out some of the most common conversations we have with new clients below.
We offer three distinct services to fit our client's unique needs: Full Service, Shoppable Design, and The Zhuzh.




How do I know if I’m a good fit for Shoppable DesignTM? 

Shoppable DesignTM is perfect for clients who need a clear road map for how to design their space, and are willing to tackle implementation themselves. It’s a cohesive design plan for how to bring your room to life while meeting your aesthetic, functional, and budget goals. The end result is a handoff to our client of a Moodboard, Floorplan, and Shopping List which you can use to complete the design at your own pace, by either shopping directly from our suggested list, or using it as inspiration to “shop the look”.  

What items are typically included in the design?

Our Shoppable Design  Mood Boards generally cover items such as furnishings, decor, art, rugs, paint color, lighting (including hardwired), and standard window treatments.

What items are not included?

Because the design is meant to be easily implemented by the client, we do not include measuring for custom window treatments or execution of custom furniture pieces, however, we are happy to provide context on what fabric/finish selections we would suggest as well as a drapery or furniture contact if the client would like to pursue these items themselves.


What is a Mood Board?

A pictorial representation of the colors, patterns, textures, and overall style of your space. Our Mood Boards include recommended furniture and decor displayed as true to your space as possible, so that you have a visual representation of how the overall room will appear upon completion. 


What counts as a “revision”?

Tweaking your Mood Board to better fit your design tastes and functional needs is an important step in our final deliverable. Revisions include changes such as swapping out a piece of furniture or color selection. Revisions do not include creating a new Floor Plan or a a new overall design. We work hard to understand our client’s design perspective up front, and often find that the revisions needed to meet client needs are very minimal. 

How quickly do I receive my deliverables?

From Kick Off to our presentation is generally around 2 weeks, with a final revision delivered about a week later. If your room is on a specific timeline, please let us know in advance. 

Is the design specific to me and my space?

100%. We do not ascribe to reusable design. While there may undoubtedly be overlap in products we recommend to clients, your design is based on your unique needs and goals, and should reflect you and your home specifically. 

From what kind of retailers do you list shoppable items? Will they be crazy expensive?

We shop from a multitude of retailers and are adept at finding beautiful pieces at any level of investment. We’ll be chatting budget for the space at our initial meeting, so rest assured any items we include in your Shopping List will be tailored as such.

Can you shop for me? 

Procurement is not included in Shoppable Design.

How do I get started? 

Complete the Shoppable DesignTM Waitlist form on our website. We’ll reach out to schedule your kick-off meeting and send you a payment request. You’ll also receive an email from us with a list of questions to consider in advance and our tips to prepare.

How do I know if I’m a good fit for Full Service?

Our Full Service approach is for complete implementation of the design, from idea generation to procuring the furniture, to styling the pillows. We like to say it’s everything from concept to coasters. Full Service clients are typically interested in custom and antique furniture and decor, and often have some kind of renovation/build element at play. Our Full Service projects vary in price point based on the size and scale of the project, and are reflective of the amount of hands-on work that goes into this level of design. 


How do I know if your aesthetic is a fit for my style?

We like to think that our design is really just a specific lens on our clients’ own perspective. While we consider our personal aesthetics to be layered, curated and timeless, our end goal in any project is to ensure that the space feels like the clients’ own style. Every project of ours feels unique to that client and that space; we don’t feel constrained to work within a specific “look” or genre of design.


I’m doing a remodel/new build. When should I bring you on board?

While we are happy to jump in at any point, the earlier, the better. This allows us to weigh in on the overall design of the space early on, considering the client’s needs and the end goals for the room. Thinking through flow of the space, furniture placement, lighting and materials before architectural plans are rendered often saves clients significant time and rework. If you’re considering a large project in the future and would like to discuss your specific timeline, let’s chat!

Can you work with a builder I have already selected? Can you recommend one?

Absolutely! We would love to work with your chosen team, and if you have not yet selected one, we are happy to make recommendations. We also have relationships with specialists in flooring, wallpaper, electrical, stone, tile, trim carpentry and more.


What is “exclusive trade pricing”? 

As members of the interior design industry, we are often able to purchase furniture, decor and art below retail pricing. We are pleased to pass along portions of those discounts to our Full Service clients, often creating significant cost savings to them.

Do I get to approve items before you purchase them?

Of course! Every item we purchase is approved by the client through our project management software, where the client can see prices, specs, and delivery timelines of each item. We offer multiple options to our Full Service clients until we get just the right piece for their look.

Do you offer custom furnishings/decor?

Yes, we have an amazing team of vendors and artists who can create pieces that are unique to your home and space. 

Do I need to have a big project/budget to use Full Service Design?

Our Full Service offering is available to anyone who would like to have the entire project completed for them, from design plans to execution and installment. We can work within any level of investment you’d like to make in your space.

Do I have to live in Kansas City to use Full Service Design?

While the bulk of our Full Service design is local, we are comfortable working remotely if accommodations can be made for periodic site visits.

How do we get started?

Send us an email or fill out our "let's get started" form and we’ll schedule a call to discuss your specific project. We are happy to schedule a meet and greet to ensure you feel like our team and approach are the perfect fit for your project. 


Can you help me if I live outside of Kansas City?

Definitely! All of our consultations are available virtually. 

How is a Consultation Different than Shoppable Design?

Shoppable Design comes with a specific set of deliverables for a specific space (a Mood Board, Floor Plan and Shopping List), whereas our consultation is an opportunity to ask direct questions that speak to any needs you have throughout your home. 

How can I use a One Hour Consultation?

These consultations are ideal for people looking for advice on anything from paint colors, layouts, to furniture or material selection. Whether you're starting from scratch or undergoing a refresh, we can guide you. Take advantage of our design studio resources and our industry expertise to help you achieve your vision and answer questions on the spot. The time is yours to use however is most helpful for you. If there is a specific area of focus, we suggest emailing pictures of your space and inspiration images in advance. To book your consultation please contact our studio.

I am building a home and am overwhelmed by the selection process. Can you help?

Absolutely! Our New Construction Consultations are a great way to get gut-checks with a trained set of eyes throughout your build process. We offer a set number of virtual meetings to use at your discretion - everything from weighing in on floor plans, to help prepping for selection meetings, to making sure your selections all tie back to your aesthetic goals. This service is a great fit for clients who still plan to do the selection meetings + project management themselves, but need a sounding board to make sure the end result fits their personal style. If you are interested in more in-depth design work for your new build, we suggest inquiring about our Full Service offering.

I am getting ready to renovate our house and am not sure if we're heading in the right direction. Can you help?

Yes! Our Renovation Consultation allows for a set number of virtual meetings throughout your renovation process. These meetings work great early in the process to weigh in on architectural drawings, as well as for checking in on finish direction and lighting layout throughout the project. This service is a great fit for clients that wants to manage and execute the renovation themselves, but want a sounding board throughout the project to ensure their ideas feel cohesive and on par with their end goals. for the project. For clients interested in more extensive design work for their renovation, we suggest inquiring about our Full Service offering. 

Will I be able to ask follow up questions after my One Hour Consultation?

We encourage you to gather a list of questions and topics you wish to cover prior to your consultation so that you can maximize your time and get all the answers you need within your session. We would always welcome you back for another session and often have clients that choose multiple sessions as their needs evolve.


How do you pronounce “zhuzh”? 

Zhoosh. It means: to make more exciting, lively or attractive. And it’s what we love to do!

Any questions we missed?  Just reach out and we will be happy to get back to you!