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  • mallory

One Room Challenge Week 5: Teddy's Big Girl Room

Week 5! The home stretch, or sprint, I should say. The photographer actually comes next Tuesday (yes, I'm treating you to something better than my iphone pictures!) so needless to say, I am on the hustle, and will keep this update brief!

Picture frame molding and painting done! Finally. There's literally only one room in this house I haven't painted since we bought it two years ago, and I'll be happy if I never see a paintbrush again!

Window treatments done! Bunnies are up and looking fabulous.

Bedding, done! Think creamy and textured. Teddy can't wait to start sleeping in her big girl bed.

That radiator cover....ugh. Still haunting me. All that's left to do is the top and I've got to knock it out today. The rug gets delivered tomorrow (woo hoo!) which means I don't want any construction dust/paint anywhere near this room after today.

The closet. Oh how I loooove how the closet turned out. I haven't shared much on this front in the last few weeks, mostly because photographing a tight closet is not my forte. I can't wait to get that wide angle lens in there and show this beauty off!

And the headboard. If I share too much, I'm genuinely afraid I'll jinx myself... but I've got one step left to upholster and I THINK it will be done. Really hoping it looks as beautiful in the room as it currently does on sawhorses in my garage.

So what's left? I bought a sweet little bookshelf over the weekend for Teddy to use for her dolls, toys and books. But what to do with it? It's pine and well made, but kind of a meh color. Stain it? Paint it? How do we feel about a deep forest green? We'll see what magic I can work in a weekend.

And lastly, styling and lighting! We still need a lamp, and the sconces I bought are TBD until I get that headboard up. Really hoping that by Sunday I can focus totally on getting this room styled and camera ready, and still enjoy what looks to be glorious weather!

That's all for now, friends! Thank you so much for following along the past few weeks. Get ready for the big reveal next Thursday, and don't forget to check out all of the other room transformations at Calling It Home.