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One Room Challenge Week 3: Teddy's Big Girl Room

Week three of the ORC...week 25 of pregnancy...and almost the end of April already? Things are moving FAST around here! I'll be honest, I don't have a ton of beautiful photos to show you today, but I did make progress on some of those big decisions since last week. Whew!

Here's a recap:

1. Rug - purchased! I went with a cut-carpet rug by Tigressa called Shady Grove in an Iced Ivory color. We currently have an ivory rug in her nursery and given we don't generally allow shoes in there, the light color has not been an issue. Since this is actually a carpet that we are having bound like a rug, it also comes with a stellar stain/wear warranty. Now I just have to wait for it to arrive! We'll be cutting it a little close on our timeline, but our local store has ensured me we can get it here by Week 5 of the ORC.

{I told you no pretty pics today didn't I? This is a real life active work zone people!}

2. Ceiling - I caved, and painted it instead of wallpapering. Whomp whomp. I reeeeeallly wanted that wallpaper, but I reeeeallly want an even more fabulous paper in our hallway (post for another day!) and in the bigger household budget it only made sense to pick one. On the bright side, the paint really is darling, I can't complain! Tuesday was a get-it-done kind of day for me and I saddled into the paint store and just picked a pink, no samples. Went with my gut and chose Koral Kicks by Sherwin Williams (is that not a terrible name? I really have this thing against replacing C's with K's...anways...). It does have a bit of a peach/coral element versus a straight pink, which I like. Some of the other pinks felt too ballet slipper to me and this had playfulness without being beachy. And of course, if down the road she grows out of it, it is easily changeable being paint.

3. Bed. It arrived! In one piece this time thank goodness. As I mentioned last week, I went with a wooden platform bed from Amazon which allows me to turn the bed sideways in a daybed style. It only makes the bed about one inch taller than it was just sitting on a box spring. Regardless, Teddy will probably need a little step stool to hop on. Assembly wasn't terrible (thanks hubby for the help!), but the only disappointment is that there is a center post under the bed. Based on the Amazon pictures, I had really hoped this only had four legs as we have a semi-trundle like mattress I was hoping to keep under there (and pull out at night to catch any rolling toddlers given she's never been out of a crib. With this post, it will not fit. Boo. On the flip side, this means I no longer HAVE to do a bed skirt. What do you think? Bedskirt or no? It really is a pretty frame.

4. Window Treatments. Roman shades - ordered and arrived! Without the chandelier up yet, it's nearly impossible for me to get you a decent looking pic. It took me about five minutes to hang one - super easy- and so far the up/down mechanism works fabulously. They are an ivory linen color with a thermal blackout lining. Perfect for nap time! And I'm super pleased with how the ivory is working with the bright white walls - it definitely softens the look overall.

Next up will be for me to make those pelmets! I purchased the beautiful Hunt Slonem bunny fabric from our local interior powerhouse Nell Hill's this week and can't wait to get started as soon as I have a minute. I'm not sure if I have the skills to make it happen, but how stunning is this inspiration pelmet?

I love the crispness that black piping adds, not to mention the beautiful stairstep on the edge.

So beside getting my DIY on this weekend with the windows, what else is next?

1. Lighting. Hang that beauty of a chandelier and try out some sconce options for over the bed.

2. Finish the radiator cover. If you followed my instastories this week, or looked closely at the pic above, you'll notice I started to rebuild the radiator cover I destroyed while removing the built-in bookcase. I'd like the end product to be functional, clean and not a focal point.

3. Bedding! Given the timeline, I really need to button down on a bedding plan, which should be easier to do now that I have my rug/window treatment textiles locked down. I'm still looking for that perfect mix of playful yet serene.

4. In other bed news, what do you think about a headboard? I'm back and forth on adding (making) an upholstered headboard versus just making a fabulous array of pillows along the "back" side of the bed. In either case, I want to make sure the end result looks like a daybed, not a queen bed sideways. Thoughts?

5. And lastly, furniture! Given the back-order debacle with our beautiful Serena & Lily hanging chair, I've had to totally rethink the other side of the room. We don't need a dresser, as she has plenty of storage in the closet (update on that coming soon I promise!). And with the hanging chair out of play, I'm even rethinking the need for a "reading" chair given that Teddy+me+baby can all potentially cozy up on that big old bed for reading time.

Not wanting to fill the room just for the sake of looking good, I'm thinking maybe what we really need is a spot to play! Not that we are lacking for play areas in the rest of the house, but a spot that is just for her, like a tent canopy with a cozy cushion underneath. I would love to keep the elements in the room versatile enough to grow with her as her interests change.

And that's it! I'll be sure to instastory (@kobelandco) my DIY pelmet experience and would love your input on any of the TBD elements above! Be sure to check in with all of the other ORC participants on the Calling it Home Site - there really are some fabulous transformations in progress!