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One Room Challenge Week 2: Teddy's Big Girl Room

And it's already week 2! I made some great progress in week one, had some minor bumps in the road, but have lots of fun design decisions left to be made ASAP!

Progress report:

The gross textured orange wallpaper came down EASY! Whew! Took me under 10 minutes which was completely awesome. I found an equally ugly blue wallpaper underneath, that also, luckily, came off with a good tug. In fact, it all came off so fast, I failed to document with a photo. I promise your're not missing much. My dad was then kind enough to come over and prime that part of the wall with an oil primer while we were out of the house, given that I'm prego and not supposed to be inhaling that stuff. Although who is, really? (If you're wondering why use it, it does a great job blocking any leftover wallpaper glue from seeping through future paint applications.)

So, wallpaper gone, ugly ceiling fan gone, blinds gone, and bed gone! Teddy is currently loving the mattress/ boxspring on the floor and has been playing with that old cradle while I work in here. This girl loves her dolls!

We also removed that built in bookshelf above the radiator, which caused only minimal damage to the plaster wall behind it, thank goodness. The paint back there was super crackled looking which, given the age of the house, makes me worried about what it might be made of. Thus, I opted to coat it with a layer of primer, then joint compound, and then sand it (while wearing a mask of course!) as smooth as I could. So far so good!

After the priming, I got to painting, and even got a little help from my husband - who, hates to paint. Thanks babe! I used Sherwin Williams Duration, Extra White in semi-gloss, all over - walls, trim and windows. This made the prep process simple as I only had to tape off the shoe. Woo hoo! Typically, I reserve semi-gloss for woodwork only, but given the molding I planned to add, and because I had some leftover from our hallway project, I thought I'd try it out. I was a little nervous about it highlighting imperfections in our walls, but once I got the first coat on, my fears melted away. Plus it is super easy to wipe clean - great for little hands.

And then came the fun part. After much deliberation between trim types, I started on the picture frame molding. I opted for a fairly simplistic molding piece that I feel complements the shape of the existing chair rail. With my new miter saw (thanks, Santa!) this was a breeze to cut. Installing it has been pretty straightforward as well. I'll spare you a lengthy how-to, but the short of it is, I used a 3.5" spacing around all of the edges - so between the molding, chair rail, windows, crown and baseboards. I still have a few more frames to do, but I am loving the progress!

My initial plan called for adding a second, more detailed, molding inside of the outer frame, but I'm now thinking that would be too much. As is, I think it has a beautiful elegance to it, and heightens the room fabulously! Thoughts?


Most majorly, I ordered that fabulous Double Hanging chair from Serena & Lily a month ago in anticipation of needing it for this project. It should have shipped on 3/25, but I called today only to learn that it is now backordered to May 5, and then will still take 2-4 weeks to ship. Arggggh. Clearly the chair does not understand my ORC timeline needs. Thus, I went ahead and canceled the order, thinking I'd start looking for another option, or, if that's really THE perfect piece for this room, I'll reorder it later this month and will just have to live without it for the final reveal. Epic bummer.

Much less majorly, taking out that bookshelf also ruined the radiator cover below it, thus I'll have to build something new. Not a huge deal, just one more item on the to-do list! (see icky wall - before I fixed it!)

And lastly, I ordered what looked to be a fabulous platform bed from Amazon, only to have it arrive broken into pieces this week. Ugh. They were not able to get a replacement sent out to me in time for today's update, so we'll just have to wait and see it next week. The goal here is to get the mattress off the floor (because, frat house) but to keep the bed low enough for Teddy to get into it by herself. It also gives me enough clearance to hide a trundle, which I think will be key in our first few nights out of a crib (yes, to catch her). I specifically needed to find a bed without a headboard because I plan to turn the bed sideways, like a giant daybed. Let's hope this next one is intact!

And what's next?!

Some big design decisions! Thanks to all of you who followed along with my instastories last week. It was so fun having some extra opinions during the shopping process. For those of you who missed it, I put three vintage chandeliers to a vote and it was a unanimous cry for number one. Purchased!

A picture of it sitting on the floor doesn't even remotely do this beauty justice, but it really is stunning. It has a bit more of a coppery-gold tone to it than I realized, which impacts me only in that I had planned to use some true gold sconces above the bed, which clash badly and will have to be re-thought. The chandelier is definitely staying.

In other ceiling news, as you can tell, I've held off on painting it. One, because I really hate painting ceilings. It's. The. Worst. And two, because in my heart of hearts I am just dying to wallpaper it with blush grasscloth (see sample on floor next to chandelier and a gorgeous inspiration photo from my Week 1 post). I'm having a hard timing taking the plunge on this one just yet though. Primary concerns: cost and longevity. Wallpaper = not cheap, and what if she doesn't love it in a few years or we have to switch around rooms?

And on to textiles! The bunny fabric is still Teddy's favorite -I'm thinking pelmets/cornice boards above the windows - hence, why you see no molding there. My only hesitation is that the window frames really are lovely, and the pelmets + roman shades will hide quite a bit of that. I'll start on those this week and make a call.

As for rugs, I had a very fruitful trip to the carpet store this week where I looked at some beautiful samples with the thought of having them bound into a room-sized rug. Because of that radiator (always in the way I tell you!), we'll have to keep a pretty wide reveal (like a foot) between the edge of the rug and the wall. Not my preference, but the alternative is to have a rug cut around that radiator. I'm not opposed, but this definitely limits future usability. I'm loving this pattern here (Shady Grove by Tigressa) but in an iced ivory color - although this one here isn't so bad either!

Lastly, in a fun stroke of luck, I had the pleasure of visiting Pinot's Palette last night with my mom's group. Not only did we have a blast (despite the lack of wine given EVERYONE is pregnant with #2), but we happened to make this darling floral that I think just might work in this room. Teddy's at an age where a piece of art made by mommy is still super cool. Win!

So many decisions! And with order/shipping times, I need to make them like, yesterday. Between egg hunting and such this weekend, I'll (hopefully) get it done! Stay tuned for more updates as the week progresses and I'll be sure to loop y'all in on the decision process via instastories. Follow along @kobelandco.