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One Room Challenge Week 1: Teddy's Big Girl Room

And we're off to the races! Today officially marks the start of our guest participation in Calling It Home's One Room Challenge. I'm thrilled to be digitally working alongside so many talented designers and expect the next five weeks to be filled with challenges, inspiration and hopefully a lot of fun.

So, the details. If you missed the last post, the short story is that our sweet two-year-old daughter is graduating up to a "big girl room" as we get ready to welcome baby number two this summer. She is super excited and as best we can tell is totally on board! (We shall see how this goes when it's time to actually make the move out of her current room.) I've had a blast showing her inspiration pics on Pinterest and taking her shopping for ideas.

The room she'll be taking over is currently serving as our (sad version of a) guest room. C's family all lives in the same city so we generally visit them versus them coming to us, and my family now all lives here in Kansas City. Thus, except for the occasional friend, this room has gotten very little use. It's also had 0% of our time or attention dedicated to it, besides plopping some obligatory furniture in there. When non-overnight guests are over, I generally shut the door so as to hide the ugly. Needless to say, this room is in grave need of a makeover.

I'd like to think that with some bedding on there and with a nightstand that this room may have been slightly more welcoming, but alas, I think it's pretty pitiful regardless. Sorry to our poor friends that had to stay here! Yikes. Well, with that, let's talk about the plan!

First, what's going OUT:

So, the walls. The photo doesn't really do the ugliness justice here, but the bottom half of the walls are covered in some kind of orange peel textured wallpaper that has been painted, well, orange. The top, while a lovely smooth texture, is khaki. Throw in that stellar chrome and black ceiling fan + baseball light switch and this room is still screaming teenage boy. It must all go! On the bright side (pun not intended!), this room has three fabulous windows with a great view, and a nice chair rail that will stay.

We'll also likely take out the built in bookshelf. Generally, I'm not a big advocate for ripping out anything that's been part of the home for decades, but in this case, the shelves are not in great shape, have a thousand layers of who knows what kind of paint on them, and they create sort of a visual traffic jam between those two windows. The radiator cover underneath must stay (or at least be modified) however, as we do actively use our radiators as our heat source.

And lastly, the closet! One thing we loved about this house when we bought it is that all of the rooms actually have decent sized closets for this age of home (built in 1926). Each closet also came with fairly nice built-ins. As you can see here however (do I look like a hoarder or what), the built-ins/hanging bar are really set up to accommodate a lot of clothes way up high (i.e. it's for an adult). Our little one can only reach the bottom drawer.

One of the main goals of this makeover is to make the room fully accessible to a two year old. I want Teddy to be able to access her own clothes/toys/books as her independence and skill sets continue to blossom. That being said, this closet will need a full makeover. Having already tackled a similar but larger closet redo in our master, I think this might end up being the easiest part of this project....once I get past having to clean out all that junk that's been hiding in there since we moved in. Fingers crossed!

Now, on to what's coming! The overall goal is, as previously stated, to make it a room that's accommodating to my little friend in all regards. I want it to feel like it was made special for her. She is, after all, the client! In this regard, it should also reflect her personality, so it will be a good mix of playful and classic looks. She tends to be very orderly and intentional in her actions (much like her mother, she generally acts under the assumption that all things have their place in a room!), but she also loves to play so it needs an element of fun and whimsy, since she is in fact, TWO!

As for what that means in terms of a "look"..... inspiration board below.

A few quick details on the above:

  • The Vogue Coloring Book cover (actually a 1926 Vogue cover) stood out as an inspirational image for me both color-wise, and style-wise, with the classy yet whimsical look.

  • For walls, I'd love to add fabulous picture frame molding like the amazing treatment above from Jennifer at Dimples & Tangles which she completed in last Spring's ORC.

  • I've always wanted to incorporate grasscloth somewhere in the house, and what could be more fun than a ceiling treatment like this from Rethink Design Studio. If you get a chance to check out their site, it's all just as drool-worthy.

  • As for the bunnies (Hunt Slonem for Groundworks), this is a fabric Teddy picked out on our inspiration trip to our local upholstery gurus at Nell Hills. I also had a hard time getting her to focus on anything else after she discovered the pom-pom trim, thus I'd love to see both end up in the final room.

  • Lighting-wise, pretty much anything would be better than that ceiling fan, but this vintage bamboo fixture is speaking to me!

  • And lastly, we'll need somewhere in the room for her and I (and likely baby!) to cozy up and read books. What could be more fun than this giant double hanging chair from Serena & Lily?! Think it will fit?

Of course we'll need something cozy underfoot and a great bed as well, but more to come on that as the challenge progresses! I look forward to sharing more with you over the next few weeks and don't forget to check back in with us and all of the guest bloggers every Thursday!