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  • mallory

Nesting is taking over

Good morning friends! I've got a big day ahead of me tackling the "demo" aspect of the One Room Challenge week 1. I must confess however, that while I should have been doing this yesterday, instead, I may have slipped into some kind of prego nesting overdrive and decided that moving Teddy to a new room also meant I should rearrange three other rooms in my house. I'm not entirely sure this is logical.

Current argument to self (and husband): the current playroom is attached to the current nursery, as in, you have to walk through it. Not a big deal with one kid because well, if she's sleeping, she's clearly not playing. ;) Now that said nursery will be occupied by another little munchkin come August, I'm concerned that Teddy's access to the playroom will be limited, and the last thing I want is for her to feel like little brother/sister came along and stole TWO rooms from her!

Thus, without 100% thinking through it, I hauled the giant teepee (most loved playroom item ever) downstairs to my underused office off of our living room. Teddy was all kinds of on board and proceeded to bring about 8,000 stuffed animals down with us. Fifteen percent in, and I think this might work.

Primary concerns: there is no closet in this room and the doors are glass. I rely on the closet (and door!) in the current playroom greatly to hide mounds of toys and keep me sane. The new room will be like a fishtank off of our living room, so creative (and pretty!) storage are going to be a must.

On the positive side, this side of the house is generally underused unless we are throwing a party, so to me this is a great way to encourage us to spread out and love the space we have! Also, requests to "play teepee!" no longer require schlepping up the stairs. Whoop! And lastly, this room has amazing light (much like the current playroom) but it also has a door to the outside, so come good weather, this might end up being a super fun indoor/outdoor playspace....or just a good spot to spy on our adorable neighbors. Kidding! Sort of.

So, pictures will have to wait as it is still a giant less-than-half-thought-through mess, but I think we're going to like it! In the meantime, I'll leave you with some pictures of what the current playroom looked like as of yesterday, prior to dismantling. Oh how I have loved the last two years in this room!