Art: Makes or breaks the home not the bank.

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Starting our#WithinTheseWalls series with ART! Art can make or break a space, but doesn’t have to break the bank. Our fav tips to nail the art mix in your home: ⠀

1. We’re big believers that waiting to find just the right piece that speaks to you is sooo worth it. Don’t buy it just because it fits, or is cheap. You’re going to walk by it EVERY day. It’s going to say something about your personality to visitors (someday 😉). You don’t have to know WHY, but it should move you somehow.

2. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be amazing. We’ve framed vintage art we’ve bought for $1, art we made ourselves (and kids!), art we’ve thrifted and art we’ve bought directly from artists. If you love it, the price is somewhat irrelevant. At the same time, if you’ve found an incredible piece that’s priced aspirationally for you, save for it! The wall can wait.

3. Create a mix! Sketches, photography, paintings, objects...get a little bit of it all. Play up what feels best to you, and layer in the other mediums. ⠀

4. Make sure some of it is unique. We’ve got a handful of great pieces around our house from retailers, but try to mix in one of a kind (vintage is a great hunting ground!), or limited run. We like to think art reflects you, and you’re not like everybody else either. ⠀

5. Don’t hang it too high, and don’t feel you have to hang it at all. Placement will vary a bit based on scale of your room, but a few inches short of 5’ on center is a good benchmark. Not feeling commited? We’re all about the leaning art front of a mirror, on a mantle, or a shelf. It keeps the art from feeling too precious and allows for an easy rearrange.

6. Throw a little ugly in there. What?!, you say? As counterintuitive as it sounds, sometimes something a little “ugly” on its own, mixed in with all your pretty, just grounds it. Trust us! Especially if you’re considering a gallery wall, throw something a little questionable in there and see how it changes the mix. ⠀

What other questions do you have? We’d love to see your fav art! Maybe you made something with your kids this month? Maybe grandma passed down a watercolor. Share to stories and tag us with#WithinTheseWall