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  • mallory

Bring on the brass

Hey friends! Just checking in here from our 8 week kitchen renovation! Oh, what’s that you say? It’s been 20 weeks and we’re still not done?? Oh yes, yes, that’s right. Longest. Project. Ever.

Anyways, I won’t bore you with the 18,000 reasons our contractor thinks this project has been “snake bitten” (I think this is code for “we’re embarrassingly behind schedule and have no reasonable excuse for it…), but would rather share what we DO have, whiiich, to be totally fair is actually quite a lot at this point. The kitchen is functioning. Thank Goodness! There are still a ton of small fixes to tackle still, so hold tight on those big reveal photos. But I wanted to share some serious sneak peaks with you today and maybe you’ll hold on with me just a little longer!

I’d say if there’s one positive to come out of this obnoxiously long reno, it’s given me adequate time to win my husband over on the ideas of BRASS knobs. Wa hoooooo! Dream kitchen here we come. Over the past five months I’ve probably ordered 30 different knob samples – it’s the details that make it, right? – but have fiiiiinally landed on a winner and they are up!

We went with these stunners by Lewis Dolin, available on Knobs.com. My husband had expressed some concern with mixing gold with our stainless steel appliances and faucet, but after arguing that “if Rolex can mix the two, why can’t we?” this seemed to assuage any concerns. Thanks, Rolex!

For the upper and lower cabinets, we used the 5’ bar (which has a standard 3” spacing between holes), but to mix it up and add some dimension, we chose these adorable little “tab” knobs on the upper-upper cabinets. Aside from keeping things airy looking on the upper cabinets, they are also more than $4 cheaper than the regular pull bar, and when you’ve got more than 50 knobs to order (yikes!), every dollar counts.

As for the drawers, we had originally talked about a cup pull, but none of the ones I ordered looked quite right. Thus, we are also using the same Lewis Dolin bar pulls here, but on the wider drawers, we went with a longer length to make sure they felt adequate enough for the drawer face.

Lastly, on our new pantry doors (see image on left), we really splurged, opting for the 16” pulls to really add some draaaaama. Overall, we definitely surpassed our target budget on these suckers, but I think they are going to MAKE the kitchen. Final kitchen reveal to come (fingers-crossed...) soon!