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  • mallory

Brick by Brick

Houston, we have FLOORS! I could NOT be more excited y’all. We’ve gone big, we’ve gone bold, and we’ve gone BRICK!

Let me back up…

Even as our demo kicked off back in April, we had still not landed on a plan for the floors. At the time, we’d tossed around the obvious options: tile and wood. We liked the clean lines that tile would bring to the scene, and found the low maintenance appealing. Not only do we have dogs, but the back door, the primary entrance/exit to the house, enters directly into the kitchen. Translation: these floors get some heavy traffic! However, the rest of our house is so beautifully reflective of the original character of our 1920s home that many tile options felt too modern and out of place. As for wood, I had this persistent worry that even with a good installer, it would be obvious that these floors were new and not quite a perfect match to the beautiful original hardwoods we have everywhere else. Plus, again, with the back door opening up directly into the kitchen, these floors are definitely subject to a lot of wet foot traffic which could eventually cause damage to hardwoods.

After some serious Pinterest cruising, I stumbled upon a few images of brick floors and fell. In. Love. I’ll be completely honest, I have no idea if anyone back in the 1920s was actually using brick floors, but because brick is such an old material, it felt so much more native to the house than any other option we had considered.

When my husband saw the pics and felt the same way, it just became a matter of figuring out if we could make it work in budget. For an application like this, the key is to use "thin" bricks because A.) it adds less weight to your floors than a full brick B.) putting full sized bricks on your floor would make it exceptionally tall.

From the jump, my vision was to lay these suckers down and paint them white. I love white. Especially in a kitchen (can’t you tell?). It’s just so clean. My contractor was not thrilled with this plan. It sounded like a lot of work and was not something he had done before which made him nervous (read: he thought I was nuts).

So, juuuuust in case the painting fell through, we went with a gray brick that felt approachable with the overall aesthetic of the kitchen (see sample above). Fast forward to what felt like one million weeks later, and the bricks arrived – woo hoo! But when they started laying them down, the gray bricks were few and far between, and the overall scheme was waaaay more red than the sample at the store. Cue me: not pleased with brick store.

Still with the painting card in my back pocket and not wanting to be without a kitchen floor for yet another three months, we decided to go ahead and lay them. We opted for a soldier stack around the edges of the cabinets and a herringbone pattern in the middle.

If there was one sub-crew on this whole project that really hit a home run, it was the brick laying guy. Nailed it! Or, “mortared it!” I crack my cheesy self up. Anyways, they got those bricks in and it is stunning! Check this beautiful pattern out.

(and note how not gray it is :) )

Despite still questioning my sanity, our contractor has found a marine grade paint that will do the trick. What do you think? And for those of you saying “no paint”, let me remind you that what’s not in this photo are our incredible marble countertops, which are really going to be the show stopper. And there’s just not enough room here for two showstoppers. Also, again, they are waaaay more red than the gray sample we had picked out in the showroom, and I am not one to settle. I think we're going to pull the [paint sprayer] trigger. White brick floors here we come!