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  • mallory

big news. big rooms. big challenge.

Annnnnnnnd we're pregnant! Number two is on the way and all three of us are over the moon excited. We got to see baby for our 20 week ultrasound yesterday and it just made it that much more real. But my heart really exploded last night when Teddy kissed my belly goodnight, and when asked if she wanted to sing baby a song, immediately exploded in her perfect two-year-old rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little "Tars", complete with her mouth smooshed on my tummy for the final verse. There are not enough words in the world to capture the complete and utter happiness of that moment. I already feel like the luckiest person to have these two (below), and now we get to add another littler person to our family? Feeling overly blessed.

And thus, while we are busy celebrating, we are also in the midst of re-arranging for baby's arrival. Teddy will be leaving the "nursery" and moving up to her very own big girl room (a.k.a. our drab, scary, and underused guest room). She is SUPER excited and has been all about looking at inspiration photos with me which has been a ton of fun. We even went fabric shopping and she picked out some awesome prints and was sure to let me know about 1,000 times that she also wanted pom pom trim. You got it sis.

Hubby meanwhile has some big news of his own - he is getting ready to start an executive MBA program in April and I am beyond excited for him! He graciously provided for me while I got my own MBA a few years ago and it was by far one of the best decisions I've ever made. He, in contrast, is taking this on while working a super demanding job and balancing a growing family and I am so very proud of him. I know he's going to knock their socks off and do amazing things with what he learns.

So with all these big changes on the horizon and my propensity to take 800 weeks to finish a project, I'm feeling like I need a good kick in the butt to actually complete the big girl room project quickly - and I mean really complete it, not get to my usual 80-90% done mark. I sense some of you might be thinking "isn't the baby's due date a good incentive?" Fair point my friends! But between me hoping to capitalize on some of that great second trimester energy and also not wanting to send my husband into stress overload by turning our upstairs into a long-term construction zone, I need to get this done SOON. And FAST. And thus, I'm going to give myself a solid personal design challenge and join along with this April's One Room Challenge.

I looove following ORCs as they truly turn out some amazing transformations (if you've never followed along be sure to check it out - http://www.callingithome.com/oneroomchallenge/). Aside from the 20 official participants of the challenge, tons of amazing bloggers join the fun a guest participants (which I will be). I couldn't ask for better motivation to stay on top of things! So look for an official kick off April 6.

To leave you with some extra anticipation, here is a BEFORE shot of the target room. To be clear, this is a photo from when our home was listed for sale, and the room was occupied by what I presume to be a 13 year old boy. Sadly, not much other than the furniture has changed in this room since! With my family living near by and C's all being in the same city (meaning we go there vs them coming here), we rarely have guests! And thus said guest room has been totally neglected and left with this horrid orange paint which is actually textured wallpaper that looks like a bottle of goo exploded on the wall. Eww. Let's just say, we can only go up from here. Wish me luck!