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  • mallory

A Kitchen: To be or not to be?

After a year and a half of home ownership, and a million little DIY revamps, we've decided to venture into an actual re-model. I mean a big scale, room transforming, professional overhaul of our kitchen.

I had good intentions to chronicle the entire experience here, and was feeling a bit behind since the contractor demo'ed the first week of April, but not to worry friends, it looks exactly the same as it did three weeks ago - that is, a big, empty, gutted room.

Our ho Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. me was built in 1927, and as we're only the fourth owners in nearly ninety years, we're extremely fortunate that much of the original character of the house has been retained. In the late eighties/early nineties, a previous owner made updates to the house - most markedly to the master bath and kitchen. While both rooms were probably well-appointed for that era, they are now (20 years later) dated in aesthetic and starting to wear functionally. The "before" pictures don't quite do the room justice as it was actually a great space, but it was time for the formica cabinets and the Christmas colored tile to go!

Our main goals in the reno (besides banishing the 90s and reclaiming the more traditional feel of our house) are:

1. Create more usable workspace in the workzone. It’s hard to get a sense from the pics, but while there are boat loads of countertop space, none of it is anywhere near where you want to work (the sink and stove). The teeny little space between those two items (where you see the lovely cracker box in the picture) is constantly bombarded with stuff when we’re trying to cook, and also becomes a pileup of recycling items (hence, cracker box) as the roll out trash bin is right below this space and does not include a second bin for recycling.

2. Improve the pantry space. Not shown here is our little closet pantry with pull out shelves. Some people love this set up, but personally, I prefer a flatter/wider pantry where I can see what I’ve got, versus having to dig way in the back.

3. Add more light and better “symmetry”. This one has been hard ​​to articulate to the contractor, but while there are windows in the kitchen, they are odd sizes, off center, and do nothing spectacular for the space. We’d like as much, if not more, light, while making the window placement feel much more purposeful from a design perspective.

4. Create a special “drop spot.” I’m sure you know this problem well. You walk in the back door –which goes right into our kitchen – and plop! there goes all your stuff straight onto the kitchen counter. Since we don’t have a mudroom, I need a “plop” space that does not then require me to reshuffle everything to actually use my kitchen.

5. Maintain/improve this room as a great space for entertaining. No matter what kind of spectacular attraction you have going on in your living/dining room, guests just always seem to end up in the kitchen. Heart of the home, right? We’ve got a great bench space in there now where guests tend to post up, that we’ll plan to keep, and we’d like to increase the size of the peninsula around which guests tend to gather. Overall, we want the kitchen to feel like a place you can come in and stay awhile!

So stay tuned friends! We’ve got more than a handful of major design decisions to make in the weeks ahead. We look forward to having you join us in our kitchen transformation!