We believe all spaces should be both soulful and functional, that good design comes at every price point and we trust in the power of a good zhuzh. 



"I consider myself a fairly creative person and thought I had a good eye for design and decor, though once we began our renovation/addition, I quickly realized I needed help. Kobel + Co came to the rescue, introducing pure magic into my home by effortlessly blending their knowledge of style and design with my unique vision. Mallory and Elizabeth’s ability to fuse modern and vintage elements is unparalleled, and together we created a distinct home that was not only true to my personal style, but also incredibly functional and within budget. It truly is the envy of every person that walks in the door!"


"I contacted Kobel + Co after we moved into our new home to ask for their expertise in their mood board and e-design services. We have more space in this house and I needed help with a plan honing in on my personal style, and a design that would reflect the integrity of our home.
Elizabeth and Mallory came over and spent time speaking with me about my goals for the house, my design taste versus my husbands, and how our house functions. They jotted down my ideas and walked with me through the house as I talked about my favorite parts and my vision for what it could be. At our proposal meeting, they presented me with a beautiful plan for the space. They communicated why they made the choices they did regarding actual furniture pieces, placement, color choices, etc. I was given shoppable links to everything they included in the mood board, and secondary options at varying price points. Most importantly, Mallory and Elizabeth gave me the confidence and inspiration I needed to execute a plan that I loved and would continue to love for years to come. I’m so thankful for their experience, talent, and friendship.”


"My husband and I worked with Kobel + Co to update the first floor of our home and we’re thrilled with the results. The space they created reflects an elevated version of our aesthetic/vibe.  We can feel the thought and energy that went into curating our space.  We adore the Mallory and Elizabeth and look forward to working with them again soon."  


"Mallory and Elizabeth hold a piece of me. Their ability to interpret and reframe your feelings through design is such a beautiful quality and one I was able to witness first hand as they took their talents to the walls of my house--where they created a space full of comfort, joy, order, easy to breath moments and included a side of whimsy. I am forever grateful for the influence of their design and the friendship that was developed along the way. As one cannot help but walk away from time spent in their presence with anything but gratefulness to be a part of their world. And the pleasantries they left behind in mine."


"Working with Elizabeth and Mallory on my kitchen and butler's pantry upgrade was a great experience!  They took my ideas and transformed them into an amazing, cool, and unique design I would never have envisioned myself.  They took the time to understand my tastes, aesthetic and lifestyle and worked hard to ensure the spaces were functional as well as beautiful.  Beyond just working on the kitchen and pantry, they considered how the design would impact the entire first floor, ensuring that there was cohesion and flow throughput all the rooms.  It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to working with Kobel + Co again soon!"


"Mallory and Elizabeth were an absolute joy to work with via e-design on our third and final nursery! They perfectly captured the sweet, feminine vibe we wanted while keeping things from going too baby. We’re thrilled with the end result, a beautiful space that will grow with her for years to come!